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Voyager Long Range Cordless Phone

EnGenius Long Range Cordless Phone

Telephone and Computer Systems Ltd provides total communication solutions for commercial and industrial organizations with a focus on personal service and an extensive knowledge database.

Established in 1987, as Modern Business Techniques, the company initially specialized in office automation, electronic repair and pager installations. An increasingly complex level of computerization across the industry led the company to focus on computerized telecommunications and the company name was changed in 1990 to reflect this focus.

Telephone and Computer Systems Ltd has its registered office in Christchurch and is serviced by a sales service office in Auckland and a network of resellers throughout the country.

The long-range specialists
While much of the world have changed to cell phones, there is still very much a demand for super long-range cordless phones and TCS are specialist suppliers in this area. With sleek design and the modern features you’d expect, these phones can literally save thousands of dollars a year for many businesses. Even small companies can benefit – if you have need to communicate over distance at your workplace and want to investigate the alternatives to massive cell phone charges, talk to us about Voyager phones – you have nothing to lose and a heap to save.